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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nothing new.

 The last week some people called me, the phone was ringing and ringing and when I answered, a woman across the telephone told me “Hi, I need to talk with you because now my son is in Panamá, I know that you have too much time there, and maybe you can help to him”.

The history is this¸ that boy in his country had a job, not a good job but he can get the money for his family and basics needs, then is common that when we have something good, we want something more better, and sometime the way for get that more better not is the correct.

At the end, the history is the same, all the people in the world always we wish to have a clear schedule for our future, but not is easy, not is easy and that is the exciting of the life, all the time the life is changing. But sometime we need to decide what kind of change we can choose: good or bad.

So, nothing about the life is new in this world, the cycle of the life is the same, always and always we want things different and good.  

Thank you.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Change the mind II.

Cerro Colorado, C.N.B. Panamá.
Continuing the previous topic (change the mind) now I want to say something more, because I find interesting this topic, ok I talk about the government or other organizations that wants to help or make a change in a big big group of people, in a large region...

But the point is this, now I´m developing a action (Project) to try help a lot of families in several communities from the Comarca Ngäbe Bugle, my action will try to bring support in different section of the agriculture production.

The European Union opened the call for all the organizations that wants participate in the project, ok is really that in the area there are too much people working for supposedly help the poor persons.  And everybody knows that not is easy just to help and help, and ask myself, who is helping me? Who is worried about me?

So when those questions come to my head, not is difficult to find an easy way to decide above my needs and save my future, I just need to say “develop and present a good project and I get my salary”. This not is good, because when you give something with the hope that the greatest benefit is for you, it´s a lie, you never get that.

Tries to help without expecting in anything.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Change the mind.

Is incredible how in this land,  in sometime or too much time the people that live here are accustomed to go hungry, why I say that is incredible? well, because I have three year to living here, and I´ve learned and I know, that you can plant different kind of seed and get good products for eat.

I think the men, women, child or whatever person from here shouldn´t have hungry, we have a rich land, fertile. So... what we need for not to go hungry, for me, the first thing is a big change of mentality,  if the people from here not change their minds, don't care who is coming for help with a lot of donation or what project is beginning in the area, because not is a several communities in problems, is a lot of communities with the same problem.

Hey... and what we can do, for example now the European union is beginning a big project, not all the project is for the Indian zone, but is a priority zone, priority people.

Today was the official opening, in some moment for me was very intriguing when one of the coordinators, say something like that "work in the Indian zone is difficult, everybody here know that, specially people who have worked there, I´ve worked in the Comarca Ngäbe Bugle, and I can´t say because my work at the end was very successful" Ok I listened to him, and them I asked myself, If this man thing of this form, why he is here, not have sense, not is good to do something you don´t believe.

But don´t worry friend, that project will give a lot of money, give a big budget for what? For whatever idea, maybe good or bad idea, and I sure that a big or small budget no change the mind, therefore nothing will change.

Ok, thank you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To day not is yesterday.

I´m here again.
Ok, say I´m here again, cause I not write almost nothing in this blog, but I think from to day I´ll write
something, not every day, but once a week maybe is good, why? because I have three years en this country and in this little town, and in the last three years I´ve had a lot of experiences.

For example, the last week I visited a community in the mountain, not is so far away, but is very difficult get there, and when I came back I found a old old truck, it was manufactured in 1960 and used for the last time in february 2012, can you imagine.... it was working for 52 years.

I don´t want to get 52 years old, I can end abadoned!!!! like this old truck lol....

Ok but is very interesting be here, every day of my life I have new thing for to do and new thing to learn. Many people in the world wants or wish to do something different, but they can´t, they can´t because from one place to another place, everything changes and I feel blissful to be here.

To day, thank to life.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learn new thing.

Five years.

Five years ago, I was in other country, with other people and studing a career without sense, so I say that no had a sense, cause now I´m working in something that i like so mucho.

I love my job, but in this moment I think that I was lost my time.
Example, now and every day I need to learn a lot of new thing.

These are my conclusions about a proyecto, but if anybody ask me, where I learned or who was my teacher. Ridiculous, I´ve had no teacher or anything.

Ok, we´ll work with the people and this recommendations are for future activities.

  1. The techniques put into practice, are very good, but the beneficiaries in the communities are not prepared to work in three different systems.
  2. The data collection for monitoring and obtaining answers can not handle large-scale (22 samples), without making much practical work in the information-gathering tasks of process plant development, that for producers themselves can make up information.
  3. Looking technical team is carrying a lot of homework 22 samples of three different systems in three communities, better train producers.
  4. For the development of three production systems, it is necessary to know other similar experiences in the area.
  5. Necessary to create a network for obtaining inputs that are not in the area for the production of organic inputs needed for crop.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The river.

Write something, just write.
Here in this little town (San Félix) the summer is in the best part, so and yesterday a went to the river, that river with a beautifull landscape, ok when I say beautifull landscape, I talk about all the thing there: the man, women, boys, girls, trees on the river bank, stones of different sizes and the best part: THE CLEAR WATER, when you see on the water, you can see everything on the bottom of the river.
This area belongs to the indian zone, so is common to see man or woman swimming fully clothed, I think that is not comfortable.
Then the people are there all the day, is incredible how persons can be there and no eat nothing in all day, not is good, although the culture is the culture, and sometime we need to see these aspects as differents but nice at the same time, cause we have the opportunity to learn, learn what? to go hungry. No!! 
ok in other time I´ll continue to write about this.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To write something

Hi.. this is my first post in this new year, had not written before was a little busy, but I think that don´t care, because in this blog I just want write in english. 
I created this blog with a unique purpose, practice and practice for write in english.... so, if I´m wrong, you know.. I just want to learn something that now I speak but I can´t write.
Ok.. post and post for practice...