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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nothing new.

 The last week some people called me, the phone was ringing and ringing and when I answered, a woman across the telephone told me “Hi, I need to talk with you because now my son is in Panamá, I know that you have too much time there, and maybe you can help to him”.

The history is this¸ that boy in his country had a job, not a good job but he can get the money for his family and basics needs, then is common that when we have something good, we want something more better, and sometime the way for get that more better not is the correct.

At the end, the history is the same, all the people in the world always we wish to have a clear schedule for our future, but not is easy, not is easy and that is the exciting of the life, all the time the life is changing. But sometime we need to decide what kind of change we can choose: good or bad.

So, nothing about the life is new in this world, the cycle of the life is the same, always and always we want things different and good.  

Thank you.