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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Learn new thing.

Five years.

Five years ago, I was in other country, with other people and studing a career without sense, so I say that no had a sense, cause now I´m working in something that i like so mucho.

I love my job, but in this moment I think that I was lost my time.
Example, now and every day I need to learn a lot of new thing.

These are my conclusions about a proyecto, but if anybody ask me, where I learned or who was my teacher. Ridiculous, I´ve had no teacher or anything.

Ok, we´ll work with the people and this recommendations are for future activities.

  1. The techniques put into practice, are very good, but the beneficiaries in the communities are not prepared to work in three different systems.
  2. The data collection for monitoring and obtaining answers can not handle large-scale (22 samples), without making much practical work in the information-gathering tasks of process plant development, that for producers themselves can make up information.
  3. Looking technical team is carrying a lot of homework 22 samples of three different systems in three communities, better train producers.
  4. For the development of three production systems, it is necessary to know other similar experiences in the area.
  5. Necessary to create a network for obtaining inputs that are not in the area for the production of organic inputs needed for crop.

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