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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To day not is yesterday.

I´m here again.
Ok, say I´m here again, cause I not write almost nothing in this blog, but I think from to day I´ll write
something, not every day, but once a week maybe is good, why? because I have three years en this country and in this little town, and in the last three years I´ve had a lot of experiences.

For example, the last week I visited a community in the mountain, not is so far away, but is very difficult get there, and when I came back I found a old old truck, it was manufactured in 1960 and used for the last time in february 2012, can you imagine.... it was working for 52 years.

I don´t want to get 52 years old, I can end abadoned!!!! like this old truck lol....

Ok but is very interesting be here, every day of my life I have new thing for to do and new thing to learn. Many people in the world wants or wish to do something different, but they can´t, they can´t because from one place to another place, everything changes and I feel blissful to be here.

To day, thank to life.

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