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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The river.

Write something, just write.
Here in this little town (San Félix) the summer is in the best part, so and yesterday a went to the river, that river with a beautifull landscape, ok when I say beautifull landscape, I talk about all the thing there: the man, women, boys, girls, trees on the river bank, stones of different sizes and the best part: THE CLEAR WATER, when you see on the water, you can see everything on the bottom of the river.
This area belongs to the indian zone, so is common to see man or woman swimming fully clothed, I think that is not comfortable.
Then the people are there all the day, is incredible how persons can be there and no eat nothing in all day, not is good, although the culture is the culture, and sometime we need to see these aspects as differents but nice at the same time, cause we have the opportunity to learn, learn what? to go hungry. No!! 
ok in other time I´ll continue to write about this.

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