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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Now I working in a interesting proyect, we want to producer food in several communities with 25 families, and how we want to do it?
ok, we have 2 different form, in the first one, we´re using many thing from the area, (the mountain)  and we had very good results, now in the present time is showing the interest part, How? the people or families know has worked, and now they are creative.
For example, this picture,
I don´t need to say any more.
Incredible!! when the people 
want to do something, they just do it.                                        

Ok this photo is about production food with hydroponics method.

This method is interesting, and in other moment I´ll talk a little more about this.

Ok, in this project we have another form to production, this form  has given us better result,

I want to share some imagens.
Is with organoponics, a method very simple and practical to produce food.

Three different:
The first is corn and peppers from Balbino´s farm, a good friend and a hard working man.
The second, a little boy enjoying a big tomate from his father´s farm.
And the third, some boxes with cabbages and other vegetables.

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