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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Proponernos hacer todas las cosas de la mejor manera, es lo ideal, que las cosas nos salgan de otra forma. Puede ser algo que no podamos controlar, ahora bien, sin perder nuestro horizonte es posible lograr aquello que es lo ideal, que todo esté de lo mejor"

"Setting out to do all things the best way, is what we seek, that things go differently. May be something we can not control, however, without losing our horizon is possible that which is ideal, everything is the best "

In the community of Cerro Nettle, County Indigenous Ngäbe Bugle, things are usually very difficult to do and life is depending on the desire to live, wanting to see these children grow up and know that the day you have to start from this world, children can have a better place to eat and live. 
We continue to struggle for life.

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